About Enthoosia

Enthoosia is all about experiential entertainment

As is the etymology of the word, Enthoosia is a group that develops, owns and operates ventures that not only provide memorable and educational experiences but also generate excitement and enthusiasm.

Enthoosia is constantly seeking to evolve its existing ventures and create new ones through invention, research and collaboration.

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

Master franchisor of Museum of Illusions, for Greece, Istanbul, Florida USA and more


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MOI Athens visits McArthurGlen

MOI Athens visits McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens, the largest discount village in Athens, and gives you the opportunity for a taste of Easter illusions. From 12/4 to 11/5. MOI Athens visits McArthurGlen Tο ΜΟΙ Athens επισκέπτεται το μεγαλύτερο εκπτωτικό χωριό McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens και σας δίνει την ευκαιρία για μια γεύση Πασχαλινών ψευδαισθήσεων. Από […]